Phone: 770-448-4142, ext. 111

Born and raised in:  Pensacola, Florida

Best asset:  Creativity, thinking outside the box

Hobbies: Home Decorating, Cooking, Tailoring. Oh and i like to color in coloring books. (Notice, no sports are mentioned in any of these answers)

I'm happiest when: Directing the Choir! or Entertaining Friends!

Favorite foods: When it is cooked and cleaned up by someone else!

Favorite vacation spot: I have no idea! That is like asking favorite color, or flower or bird. There are just too many fabulous possibilities!

Nobody knows:  I sang on television (the Lynn Toney Show) at age 5. "Rusty Old Halo and a Skinny White Cloud"

Last Published: August 13, 2018 1:22 PM
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