KIM, Soo Jin
Dr. Soo Jin Kim

Email: pforgdr@gmail.com

Born and raised in: I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea.
I graduated from University of Georgia with a Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) and a
Master of Music (MM) in Organ Performance and graduated from Georgia State
University with a Master of Music in Piano Performance.

Best asset: My parents who gives unconditional love to me and family.

Hobbies: Shopping, Watching movies

I'm happiest when: I am in stress free and relaxing environment with person I
care and I visit my parents and brother in Korea once a year.

Favorite foods: gourmet seafood and organic vegetable dishes.

Favorite vacation spot: My dream of vacation is travel to Europe and play organ
in one of old churches.

Nobody knows: I can play classical guitar and flute.

Last Published: May 21, 2018 2:00 PM
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