Our Values
Our vision is to Worship, Serve, Grow, and Connect in the love of Jesus Christ. But what does that mean? It means first that Christ is at the center of who we are and of what we do.


Worship, for example, is vital because it reminds us of God's love and it inspires us as we glorify God. Worship renews us and it points us into the world to serve. Worship is a lifestyle, for everyday is an act of worship as we respond to the grace of God.


Serving, then, is an expression of God's love for us. We serve not out of duty but out of a desire to love the world as Christ loved the world. Saved people serve people. Through our service to others locally and around the world we build relationships for the next generation that will be changed by love.


Grow is another important value. As we experience God's love in our lives we begin to change for the better. Growing people change. We are not who we once were. We have been changed for good. We grow in our understanding of God intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. We grow in our kindness, in our gentleness, in our patience, in our self control and in our love of God and others.
connect_2015 Connect reminds us we were created to be in relationships with God and with each other. We are intentional as we seek to build and strengthen our friendships to all people of all backgrounds. We hope to better connect with each other and to be community by doing life together. We have come to discover that we can't do life alone.
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